AP Language & Composition

AP Language & Composition is a college-prep course that also prepares you for the Advanced Placement Language & Composition test in May.  We study American Literature, SAT vocabulary, the art of writing (that means a teensy bit of grammar), and rhetoric (the art of argument).  You are awarded weighted credit if you take the AP Test in May ($76).  Regardless of your score on the test, this class shows colleges you're up for a challenging experience, so enjoy the ride!

Essay Unit - throughout the year, we will read and analyze various contemporary essays.  Keep your journals; these essayists are well-studied, and most are still alive (!), so your notes will come in handy.

Scarlet Letter

Great Gatsby

Their Eyes Were Watching God

selections from Grapes of Wrath 

Death of a Salesman

A Raisin in the Sun

Lone Ranger and Tonto: Fistfight in Heaven