Course Syllabus for Mrs. Winn
Mathematics 1: Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics
This is the first in the sequence of secondary mathematics courses designed to ensure that students are college and work ready.  This course requires students to:
  • Explore the characteristics of basic functions using tables, graphs, and simple algebraic techniques
  • Operate with radical, polynomial, and rational expressions
  • Solve a variety of equations, including quadratic equations with a leading coefficient of one, radical equations, and rational equations
  • Investigate properties of geometric figures in the coordinate plane
  • Use the language of mathematical argument and justification
  • Discover, prove, and apply properties of polygons
  • Utilize counting techniques and determine probability
  • Use summary statistics to compare samples to populations
  • Explore the variability of data.
  • Unit 1 – Function Families
  • Unit 2 – Algebra Investigations
  • Unit 3 – Geometry Gallery
  • Unit 4 – The Chance of Winning
  • Unit 5 – Algebraic Investigations
  • Unit 6 – Coordinate Geometry

 METHODS OF INSTRUCTION/LEARNINGStudents will be given an opportunity daily to participate in class activities to learn algebra, geometry, and statistics concepts by practice.   It is the student’s responsibility to come to class prepared to learn and to be a positive addition to the classroom each day. 
  • Class lecture/discussion/demonstration
  • Guided practice
  • Question/answer
  • Performance/learning tasks


It is the student’s responsibility to request make-up work after an absence. The student must make this request within three days of the absence. The student should also copy missed notes from a classmate and find out what other activities were missed. For each absence beyond five days, the school administration must approve any make up work.  


Extra help will be available every afternoon from 3:30-4:30 pm, except when faculty meetings or conferences require Mrs. Winn’s presence elsewhere. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it! 


  • Book – Georgia High School Mathematics 1, 2008. It is available online at The activation code is 3130126-30
  • Materials you need to have –
    • Pencil
    • Paper
    • Scientific Calculator (strongly recommended)

A = 90-100                                                             

B = 80-89           

C = 71-79      

D = 70      

F = 69 and Below


Tests/Performance Tasks                                  45%

9 Week Exam                                                  20%

HW/Classwork/Warm-ups/NB Quizzes            15%

Quizzes                                                            20%


The Math 1 End Of Course Test (EOCT) will represent 15% of the final course grade, as required by the state.