Instructional Tools

The following are instructional tools that can be used by both teachers and students to create unique and engaging presentations and assessments.


     Emaze is an online presentation tool that takes your powerpoints to the next level. Download your old powerpoints and convert them to updated Emaze presentations. Use the free templates to create your own presentation, or download one of the hundreds of pre-made presentations. User friendly, with amazing graphics and design. The best part of Emaze is the multiple ways you can share your presentations. Use email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, or websites to share. 

Explain Everything:

     Explain Everything is an interactive whiteboard and presentation app. You can draw and annotate, import videos, images and files, and add voice-over to your presentation. You can even collaborate on projects with others.  Explain Everything is user friendly, and can be downloaded to a variety of sites such as Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, and Google Apps for Education.


   Kahoot! is a game based learning platform. Teachers can create games, play them in class, and share them online. Students use their devices to join the games and compete with one another for points. Make learning fun and exciting. The Kahoot! app makes it possible to share with students and assign games for review and practice. Make your own games, or choose from hundreds of sets of questions over a wide variety of topics. Students love the competition of Kahoot!, and do not even realize they are learning.


     Nearpod is an online presentation tool that allows teachers to download lessons from files or Google slides. Add interactives, videos, and assessments to create an engaging learning experience for your students. You can share the presentation across all devices, and even lock students in to the presentation to keep them on task. Nearpod will give teachers feedback and reports on student assessments.


     Piktochart is an online infographic maker. Teachers can create presentations in the form of infographics, presentations or printables. Choose from over 600 templates, then make it your own by downloading charts, graphs, maps, videos, photos, and adding text. Piktochart is easy to use and easy to share. Presentations can be shared by email, social media, on the web or downloaded and printed. Create professional looking infographics that will engage your students.


     With Powtoon, teachers can create animated presentations and videos to share with students. Choose your avatar, add text, download graphics and add sound if you like! Students will see your lesson in a whole new way. Powtoon is fun for students, and allows you to make unique presentations that students will remember.