Student Resources

Here are some resources that I have found useful for students to help learn important biology content.

Amoeba Sisters Videos:

     Two amoebas, Pinky and Petunia, use humor to make learning biology fun! These engaging and funny animated videos will help you learn difficult biology content using songs and mnemonic devices. You will remember, because the songs will be stuck in your head! Learn about cells, evolution, ecology, human body systems, plants and more with the funny and interesting amoeba sisters. 

Bioman Biology:

     If you think learning biology is boring, but love video games, then this is the site for you! Bioman uses video games, paired with quizzes, to help you learn biology. The quizzes in the games give you immediate feedback, and help you to correct yourself as your learn. Challenge yourself, or use the 2 player games to challenge a friend. You can play online, or download the app. These fun and interactive games will help you learn the content and improve your grades. Try Snurfle Meiosis and Genetics to understand how genetic characteristics are passed to offspring!

Brainpop Science:

     Brainpop is engaging learning games, animated movies, and activities to bring biology, and science, to students. Hundreds of topics are covered in this interactive and engaging site. Having trouble learning the six kingdoms? Use Brainpop to to help you. Watch a movie, play a game, do a sort activity, and take a quiz! Brainpop helps you learn by doing. 

Crash Course Biology:

     Want to take charge of educating yourself? Welcome to Crash Course Biology! These fast-paced, witty videos will help you learn the selected course in no time. Select from courses such as biology, anatomy, and ecology then select the specific topic in the course you want to learn. Crash Course brings education to you in a way that enhances your learning.

Learn Genetics:

     The companion site for students to Teach Genetics, this interactive site provides a wealth of learning resources for students. You can choose from video tutorials, interactive animations to virtual labs. The Learn Genetics site brings biology to you in a way that lets you explore for yourself. The Amazing Cells lesson brings prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells to life, and lets you view them in a new way. 


     Quizlet is proven to help students improve their grades! Trash the boring old flashcards, and use quizlet instead. Make your own study set, or choose from hundreds of pre-made study sets. Quizlet lets you study, then quiz yourself, on important biology terms. You can play games and practice spelling as well. Having trouble pronouncing a word? Quizlet will read it for you. No more struggling with difficult science terminology.