Classroom Technology Rules

Mrs. Lawson's Classroom Technology Rules:

1. Only bring cell phone to class on specified B.Y.O.D. Days (Bring Your Own Device). 

          If Mrs. Lawson sees your phone out at anytime other than B.Y.O.D. Day, she will take it up and a parent will have to come pick it up from school.

2. Only go to approved websites.

          If you go to a website without permission, you will lose computer privileges for one week. After two warnings, you will not be allowed to use the internet at school.

3. Let Mrs. Lawson know if anything comes up on your computer that makes you feel uncomfortable or that is inappropriate.

          I will get help you get to an appropriate website and  make sure to report the inappropriate website to our technology supervisor. 

4. Never give out your personal information on the internet.

          You never know who can get your information.

5. Do not eat or drink around classroom technology.

          An accident could ruin our technology.

6. Always plug the iPad and Kindle up after use.

          Everyone wants a turn, so we have to make sure we recharge the batteries.

7. Always use the classroom technology gently and leave it like you found it.

          Our technology is important to our learning. If everyone is gentle, the technology will last longer. 

          Our classroom belongs to all of us. It is important to do your part and clean up after yourself.