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English 3 Course Description

English 3 exposes students to some of the significant works and ideas of American writers. Students will read a variety of genres from novels to poetry, short stories to non-fiction informational texts. In addition, students will compose a variety of texts. 


English 3 Course Goals

  1. To develop students competence as writers, readers, speakers, listeners, and viewers of many texts.
  2. To read and analyze a variety American Literature from Classical to Contemporary.
  3. To prepare students for the higher-level reading and writing skills and heighten their overall communication skills so they may become successful in life.


What will we be doing this year?

  • Writing a research paper
  • Reading and understanding Non- Fiction works
  • Reading and understanding the aspects of Poetry
  • Reading "A Raisin in the Sun", "The Crucible", "Of Mice and Men", "The Great Gatsby" and "19 Minutes"                                          



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Mr. Kaiser

May 30, 2018

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