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Current Unit:

 Romeo and Juliet


Tragedy:  Definition

  Shakespeare Bio (pgs. 890-891)

  Globe Theatre (pgs. 895-896)

  Journal Entry: Love vs. Lust/Can teens experience true love? 

  Romeo and Juliet play background (pg.) 898

 Vocabulary  Prologue/Act I.1  (Study Guide pg. 1)

  Read Prologue and discuss

 Act 1.1:

Literary Terms:

                            - puns

                            - imagery

                            - chorus

                            - couplet

                            - oxymoron

                            - allusion

Points of discussion:

                            - Ideas of Love and Marriage in Elizabethan  England

Study Guide: Prologue and Act 1.1

Act 1.2-1.4: