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      Welcome to Mrs. Lindabury's Online Class! 


    Welcome to our Online Reading and Math Classes. Here are some activities and resources you can do while we are learning from home.   


Reading Assignments

Use RAZ Kids link below to find your story.    

Second Grade - Read

"In The Spotlight"

"Friends Around the World"

Practice reading your story.  Answer story questions.

Our Zoom Classroom will meet  on Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00.

Don't forget to read your other RAZ assignments and answer the questions.




Third Grade - Read


"The Last Day of School"


Complete Assignements

Practice reading your story.  Answer story questions.

Our Last Zoom Classroom will meet  on  Wednesday at 1:00

Don't forget to read your other RAZ assignments and answer the questions.





     Enter your teacher's login  below.    Find your name.   Password: rams

                                                Second Grade 

      Mrs. Kaiser   =  krizzi                          Ms. Watters   =  kwatters1

      Mrs. Simensen = msimensen           Mrs. Marker  =  mmarker3

                                                Third Grade

      Ms. Black   =   cblack40                      Ms. Barbich   =  nbarbich

      Ms. Morton =  mdursi0                     Mrs. Kalustyan = ckalustyan


       I will be monitoring your progress.  You can email me if you have any question or concerns.  Look for assignments to complete.



       Here are some other resources to use to practice reading skills.

Reading Eggs   https://readingeggs.com

ABC Mouse      https://www.abcmouse.com/abt/homepage   



Destiny   Also, visit Our School's District Home Page and click on Students.   Log into Destiny using  student id number as the username and password to locate additional resources.


       Remember to "Stop and Think"  while you're reading.

***After reading your stories think about the answers to the following questions.***


1.  What was the title of your story?

2.  Who were the characters?  Who was the main Character?

3.  Where did the story take place? (setting)

4.  What happened in the story?   Retell the story in order.

5.  What was the problem in the story?

6.  How was the problem solved?


1. What was the title of the story?

2. What did I learn?  Name at least 4 things you learned.


Author's Purpose      Think PIE.    (Persuade, Inform, Entertain)

Why did the author write the story?


Sight Words

Practice your vocabulary packets and fluency sheets.

You can practice your Dolch and Fry word lists by visiting the sites below.



       Math Class       Grade 2

Our Zoom Class will meet 

Monday and Wednesday at 11:30.


Remember to complete your classroom teacher's math assignments.

You may visit the following websites for extra practice

     I Know It         Go to:    https://www.iknowit.com/

                                 Class code:   mrslindabury

                                           User name is your first name.   

                                              Your password is rams.

                                       Example:    john            rams


   Splash Learn     https://www.splashlearn.com/login

                                                       Select Class   Mrslindabury

                                                       Enter Class Code   RQKDDW

                                                       Select Profile  (Your Name)

                                                Enter Password   (Passwords were emailed to students)

                                                   Students can complete one assignment each day.


I have assigned lessons for you to complete on I Know It and Splash Learn


Basic Addition and Subtraction Facts         

* Students should practice their addition and subtraction facts.


Think Central:    http://www.thinkcentral.com/

     Practice addition and subtraction of 2 and 3 digit numbers.

     Money-  Practice counting sets of coins up to $1.00.

                       Practice skip counting by 5, 10 and 25.

    Telling Time-  Practice telling time.


Think Central:    http://www.thinkcentral.com/

Use Animated Models to reinforce skills.   Solve practice problems and complete quizzes.


****Extra practice worksheets are available at this site***

     Homeschoolmath.net     (printable Worksheets)

Section G - Addition 2-digits            Section H - Substraction 2-digits

Section I - Addition 3-digits              Section J - Subtraction 3-digits

Section M - Money                              Section Q - Time


*****Here are some additional  Math Websites****

Prodigy                                                   AB Math

Math Seeds                                         Monster Math

Math Games    PBS Kids                  Funbrain    Math Games