Required for class:

  • Physical Education black WRMS shorts and Grey WRMS shirt.
  • Tennis shoes
  • Composition book aka fitness folder (will be used weekly in class)
  • Binder clip for composition book with glue stick or tape or stapler


  • Grey OR Navy Sweats (only allowed on cold days as posted)


Course Outline


Teacher: Mrs. Lyon                                     Website:  

Office: Girls locker room                            Phone number: (818) 487-7600 extension #7629

Office Hours: Call for appointment         GRADING WEBSITE:



Every student is scheduled for 3 required years of Physical Education. The goals of the Walter Reed Middle School physical education program are based on the State standards and to physically educate students to:

  • Demonstrate the motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of movement concepts, principles, and strategies that apply to the learning and performance of physical activities.
  • Assess and maintain a level of physical fitness to improve health and performance.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of physical fitness concepts, principles, and strategies to improve health and performance.
  • Demonstrate and utilize knowledge of psychological and sociological concepts, principles, and strategies that apply to the learning and performance of physical activity.

Course content:

  • Weekly strength practicing, which will include push-ups, sit-ups, and other similar measures.
  • Written work and fitness folder is required, to assess and analyze own personal fitness and to set and meet goals. WILL NEED A COMPOSITION BOOK, GLUE STICK- TAPE,  BINDER CLIP, AND PEN/PENCIL. WILL BE USED AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK.
  • At least once a week a designated run is given for all students.
  • All standard based benchmarks stated on "standards" page on website.


  • 7th grade is required to take fitness gram in spring
  • 6th and 8th graders will practice fitness gram for entire year.
  • FYI for 8th graders
    • 9TH don’t pass the fitness gram = retake in 10th grade
    • 10th grade don’t pass the fitness gram = take p.e. until pass the fitness gram regardless if student passed the required p.e. class in 9th and 10th grade.

Procedural Expectations:

     1.   Be on time: Be inside locker room before tardy bell rings, report to the assigned area, dressed and ready to participate, sitting down in roll-call 5 minutes after the tardy bell rings. If not sitting in roll-call and dressed for p.e. when teacher arrives the student will be marked tardy and will count against work habits.

      2.   Come prepared dressed in P.E. uniform: For safe participation in Physical Education a complete change into movement clothes (no double dressing). Movement clothes acceptable for P.E. include:

All p.e. attire must have Reed school logo:

  • black shorts
  • grey t-shirt 
  • tennis shoes (no boots, flats, sandals, platform shoes, or any other shoes without support).

These must be purchased in the student store, shirts are $9 and mesh shorts are $13. This uniform must be worn to class each day and worn properly. If a student does not have clothes they must use loaner clothes. To receive loaner clothes you must have an ID or Agenda. 2 LOANERS IN A GRADING PERIOD= “S” IN COOPERATION, 3 LOANERS = “U”. WILL START OVER NEW GRADING PERIOD. This also applies to partial dress (pe shirt no shorts or pe shorts no shirt) AND NO DRESS.

  • Grey or Navy sweats may be worn on cold days (sign will be posted “sweats okay”).
  • Jackets will not be accepted. ***PLEASE NOTE, MUST WEAR THE PROPER SWEAT GEAR FOR COLD DAYS OR YOU WILL BE ASKED TO TAKE IT OFF!! NO ACCEPTIONS!! Suggested to bring an extra pair of shoes for p.e. only.

3.  P.E. Medical Excuses: Written excuses from parents 1 day, depending on situation will be excused but student must still dress (sometimes parents write notes because their child is sick, the motto of the class is do the best one can that day, just let the teacher know to not lose points). Any P.E. medical excuses for longer than 1 day, must be taken to the school nurse who will complete documentation of the excuse and complete a P.E. excuse for the teacher. Students are still required to suit-up, unless student has extreme circumstances. Student will give nurses note to teacher with the amount of days for injury per doctors orders.


  • LONG TERM INJURY:​ Whenever a student sustains a long-term injury in class (2 weeks or more) they are required to complete an injury assignment (SEE MEDICAL EXCUSES PAGE ON WEBSITE). All aspects of the project need to be completed.  An injured student misses a lot of run, fitness, and unit activities that account for about 80% of the grade.  This assignment will earn back all credit lost during the injury time.  IF THIS INJURY PROJECT IS NOT TURNED IN, THE STUDENT WILL NOT RECEIVE PASSING CREDIT FOR ANY ACTIVITIES DONE DURING THE MISSED TIME.  PLEASE WORK ON THIS ASSIGNMENT DURING CLASS TIME IN FITNESS FOLDER AND SHOW TEACHER THE WORK COMPLETED DURING CLASS TIME TO RECEIVE PARTIAL CREDIT FOR EACH DAY.

4.   Make-ups: Any student who is absent from class (excluding truants and school activities (are excused)) will be given the opportunity to make-up missed work/activity within one week from the date missed by the end of that grading period. Failure to meet the due date by end of that grading will result in a zero and no makeups allowed. If a student misses 3 or more days in a row, they have until the end of that grading period to make the work up. If the work is not made up by end of grading period, they will receive a zero for days absent. Make up work will be an online assignment related to class missed. IF A STUDENT MISSES A "RUN" DAY, THEY WILL NEED TO MAKE THAT UP BY HAVING A TIMER, RUNNING, AND RECORDING IN FITNESS FOLDER. ALL OTHER MISSED ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE WRITTEN WORK.

  1. Lockers: Lockers are issued to all students. It is the students’ responsibility to lock up all personal items and not to share lockers or combinations. All students are required to memorize/write down combination in a safe place (agenda) and to remember it. Suggested to write your locker combination in agenda, put under birthday or another special date student would remember. Due to space restrictions in the lockers, may have to bring backpack to class and place in designated area. Please lock up all valuables in locker, that is the only safe place during class time.

Basic Rules:

1.   Use equipment safely and correctly and only when instructed to do so.

2.   Benched areas such as the pavilion, trees areas, and bleachers, ext. are off limits during class time unless designated by the teacher.

      3.   No food or drinks in gym or locker rooms.

4.   Do not bring personal equipment to class (i.e. basketballs/footballs), all extra personal equipment needs to stay in another class and NOT brought to p.e. If personal equipment is brought and played before class, the equipment will be confiscated and given back in two weeks. REMEMBER YOU MUST BE SEATED IN ROLL CALL AND SHOULD NOT BE PLAYING.

  2. No cell phones out or on during school time.
  3. No hats may be worn in p.e. area at any time, beanies or knitted hats (girls), and hoods.
  4. No electronics during class time (ipods, video games, music players)
  6. Each student is encouraged to get an emergency kit. This kit will be kept in their p.e. locker and used as needed.

Girls’ emergency kit: zip lock baggie. Kleenex, hair ties, safety pins, band aids, pad, underwear, deodorant, body wipes, pencil/pen, extra socks, sunscreen.

Boys’ emergency kit: zip lock baggie. Kleenex, safety pins, band aids, deodorant, pencil/pen, extra socks, body wipes, sunscreen.

Class procedures:

  • Students must check teacher board outside Girls pe locker room for daily information
  • The teacher dismisses the class not the bell.
  • Students are to line back up in roll call at the teachers direction.
  • After teacher dismisses students may get their backpacks to leave class.



Students will accumulate 5 points per day (except for run days, 10 points). The number of points awarded will be based on students’ proper dress, participation, skill tests, absences and tardies. Students must display cooperative teamwork, good sportsmanship, follow directions, give best effort, complete fitness assessments, make efficient use of class time to improve skills, learn new strategies, and work toward goals. Complete running tests and other tests/assessments. Everyone has access to current grade on



Grading scale:

Daily points: 80% 5 points daily, run days 10 points

  • Come prepared for class fully dressed, p.e. shirt and shorts and tennis shoes
    • A student will receive ½ credit not wearing right shoes and not dressed for p.e.
  • Give best effort
    • If a student does not give best effort they may receive partial to no credit depending on level of effort
  • Follow directions
    • If a student does not follow directions may receive partial to no credit depending on level of disruption

20% written assignments 5 points each day used

  • Student must bring fitness folder (no other class folder) and record scores and/or right directed material
    • Student has until Friday of that week to receive credit (forgetting folder), if it’s a Friday they have until following Monday to receive credit or will receive a zero for folder for that day.

Work Habits: Based on BUL-1353.1 Effort, Responibility, Attendance, and Evaluation

Cooperation: Based on BUL-1353.1 Courtesy, Conduct, Improvement, Class Relations along with Dressing (see #2 under procedures)



A = 100%-90%   B = 89%-80%   C = 79%-70%   D = 69%-60%   FAIL = 59%-0%

Name:_____________________________________________________________________  Period: __________


Physical Education Courseoutline Questionaire


  1. What is your teachers name? ____________________________________________________________________________
  2. Where is her office? ______________________________________________________________________________________
  3. What is her website link? ________________________________________________________________________________
  4. Where can you find your grades? _______________________________________________________________________
  5. How many years of Physical Education required for middle school? ________________________________
  6. How many run days per week? __________________________________________________________________________
  7. Which grade is the fitness gram required in middle school? __________________________________________
  8. What grade in high school do you have to take the fitness gram? _____________________________________
  9. How will you be marked tardy?___________________________________________________________________________

Come prepared for class:

  1.  What do you have to wear for P.E.?




       11. When are sweats allowed? ________________________________________________________________________________

       12. What color can the sweats be? ____________________________________________________________________________

       13. How will you know grey sweats are allowed? ___________________________________________________________

            *What are loaner clothes? _________________________________________________________________________________

            *How many loaners does it take to get an “s” in cooperation per grading period? ___________________

            *How many loaners does it take to  get a “U” in cooperation per grading period? ___________________

            *What else does this apply to? ____________________________________________________________________________

Medical excuses:

       14. Do you have to dress if you have a medical excuse? ____________________________________________________

       15. Where do you take your medical excuses? ______________________________________________________________

       16. What do you need to complete daily if on a medical excuse?___________________________________________

       17. Where do you write the written work? __________________________________________________________________

       18. When do you show the teacher the work for that day? _________________________________________________

       19. If you are injured do you still have to write and show your fitness folder for the day the class is using it? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

       20. What is considered a long term injury? __________________________________________________________________

       21. What do you have to complete if you are injured long term? __________________________________________

       22. When do you work on the injury assignment? __________________________________________________________

       23. What do you have to show the teacher every day? _____________________________________________________

       24. When do you show your fitness folder with the notes? ________________________________________________

       25. How much credit do you receive each day you are injured? ___________________________________________

       26. How do you get full credit? By turning “what” in, at the end of your medical excuse? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


      27. Are school activities excused? ____________________________________________________________________________

      28. Do you have to do make-up work if you have a school activity? _______________________________________

      29. If you have a regular absence when is the make-up work due? ________________________________________

      30. When does a student who misses 3 or more days in a row have to finish the make-up work? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

      31. How do you make-up a run day? _________________________________________________________________________




      32. Should you share your locker combination or locker? _________________________________________________

      33. Can you put your backpack in the p.e. locker? __________________________________________________________


Basic Rules:

            34. Can you bring personal equipment to class? ________________________________________________________

            35. If you do, what will happen to the equipment? ______________________________________________________

            36. When can you get your equipment back? ____________________________________________________________

            37. Can you bring your electronic devices to class? _____________________________________________________

            38. What is an emergency kit? ____________________________________________________________________________


            39. Why should you have an emergency kit? ____________________________________________________________

Class Procedures:

            40. What should you check before class? ________________________________________________________________

            41. Does the bell dismiss you at the end of the period? _________________________________________________

            42. What do you do at the end of the period? ____________________________________________________________

            43. When can you get your backpack to leave? __________________________________________________________


            44. What is the percentage for daily points? _____________________________________________________________

            45. What is the percentage for Written assignments? __________________________________________________

            46. How many points for daily regular points and fitness folder? _____________________________________

            47. How many points for run days? ______________________________________________________________________

            48. If you forget your folder mon-thurs what day do you have to show the teacher to receive credit? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

            49. If you forget your folder Friday, what day do you have to show your folder by? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

            50. List what your work habits are based on? __________________________________________________________


            51. List what is cooperation is based on? ________________________________________________________________



Date: __________________________________________________________________________________

I, parent, agree with and understand the procedures of the physical education class. I agree to direct my child to cooperate and follow class procedures.


Parent/Guardian (Print):__________________________________________________________________________________________


Signature: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Phone #_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________



I, students agree to comply with all the procedures. I understand if I do not comply, my grade will be affected.


Student name (Print): ____________________________________________________________________________________________


Student signature: ________________________________________________________________________________________________