First Grade at a Glance

Dear Parents,

They say the 3rd time around is a charm.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that this website will work.

Language Arts:  Short e was our skill for the week.  In grammar the kids worked on contractions and plural nouns.

Spelling:  Next week's words will be:  fish, shop, ship, with, thin, thank, beg, get, live and many.

             Challenge Words:  thank, thin, shape, three, throw, thorn, shed, shell, sheep and shave.

Math:  We are working on fact families and ordinal numbers.

Religion:  This chapter was entitled Jesus Heals.  We are all to learn how to act like Christians and see the love in all.

Literature:  This week we worked on the genre of Nursery Rhymes.....they are a lost art.

Author of the Week:  Janelle Cannon and her books were featured.  Her most popular was Stellaluna.  Did you know that bats were as small as 4 inches?  Also there are bats with 6 feet wingspans.  WOW.