Number Grid Lesson

Teacher Name: Mary Miles

Lesson Plan Title: Math Grid 110

Grade Level: Kindergarten

Concept/Topic To Teach:

Order/Patterns of the Math Number Grid To 110

Teacher Prep:

Cover different numbers with post it notes on the number grid. Copy the number grid activity sheets for each student.

Pre-Assessment Plan Or Activity:

Question/answer period. Place post-it notes on (29) or some of the numbers through out the number grid.

Pull name sticks to find out which students can figure out the numbers behind the post in notes. If they don’t know the answer, help them by counting up to the covered number.

Duration: One Hour

Experience/Exploration Concepts: Counting with numbers. Number patterns. Missing/hidden numbers. Before/after numbers. Smaller/larger numbers. Number recognition. Writing numbers correctly.

Standards/Benchmarks/GLCE’S Addressed:

Number and Order Operations:

Count, write and order numbers;

N.ME.00.03 Compare and order numbers to 30 using phrases such as "more than" or" less than."

Compose and decompose numbers:

N.ME.00.06 Understand the numbers 1 to 30 as having one, or two, or three groups of ten and some ones. Also count by tens with objects in ten-groups to 100.

Explore number patterns

N.MR.00.10 Create, describe, and extend simple number patterns.

General Goals/Rationale(s): Help students learn to count to 110 and recognize the order of numbers. Students will also attempt to find specific number patterns with-in the number grid and find numbers that are before or after other numbers.

Specific Objectives:

1. Students will be able to count, write, and order numbers on a number grid.

2. Students will compare numbers by using the phrases "more than" or" less than" on a number grid.

3. Students will be able to compose numbers by looking for the proper order and writing them in the correct square on a number grid.

4. Students will be able to create, extend, and describe simple number patterns on a number grid.

5. Students will be able to recognize hidden or missing numbers on a number grid.

Required Materials:

1. Large poster size number grid hanging on wall.

2. Post-it notes.

3. Copies of number grid activity sheets.

Instructional Procedures:

a) Anticipatory Set (Lead-In): Cover different numbers with post-it notes and ask the students to guess what the number is behind the post-it note. (Do this by pulling name sticks so every student gets a chance).

b) Presentation: These activities are done in large group in the front of the classroom.

1. Discuss and review the different ways we count on a number grid, give examples.

2. Discuss and show the patterns on a number grid.

3. Discuss and show how numbers come before and after other numbers by asking students what is before and after a number and give examples.

4. Discuss which numbers are less than or more than and give examples.

c) Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set): Send the students to their seats and have them participate by coloring the squares on a number grid when teacher calls out a number. Say different numbers and use phrases such as before, after, or find numbers with 2s, 5,s etc... Have students cover their eyes and the teacher covers a number on the grid with a post-it note, have the students color a square on the number grid that was covered.

Ending Assessment Based On Objectives: Fill in the missing numbers on a pre-made number grid sheet. Keep track of the students that don’t get the numbers in the correct order and work with them on a later date.

Plan For Independent Practice: Have students practice with the ending assessment activity sheet often to learn how the numbers follow order.

Adaptations (For Students With Learning Disabilities): Prepare smaller number grids (to 20 or 30) and do one on one review and instruction. Use a number line to better understand how numbers are ordered.

Extensions (For Gifted Students): Using a wipe off board have students create their own number grid. Using a blank number grid have the students fill in all of the numbers from 1 to 110.