Course Information

Geometry I Honors

M.A.S.T. High School @ Homestead

Course Description

Instructor : Mr. Lee

Room : 230


Text: Discovering Geometry by Michael Serra  Key Curriculum Press

Honors Geometry is a course that you can be actively engaged as you learn basic principles of geometry.We will use the tools of geometry and perform geometry investigations to discover mathematical principles, theorems, laws, postulates and formulas. In doing so we will use an intuitive and analytical  approach in discovering geometry which includes interesting photographs, illustrations and shapes that connects geometry with art, science, history, music and culture. 

Student Expectations

1. Geometry is a course that studies the basic properties of shapes, line segments and angles. This course requires a significant amount of reading and understanding abstract concepts.

2. It is the student's responsiblity to the  check bi-weekly calendar or my web-stie ( for assignments.

3. Students will prepare for class on a daily basis. This includes reading all asignments sections of the text book when assigned and completing all homework assignment on said due date. Students should also bring all necessary materials for class. That includes writing materials, composition book, calculator, 3 ring binder, loose leaf paper, notes, pervious assignment and any geometric tools needed. ( Protractor, rules, compass, etc...).

4.Students will respect others and their right to learn while obeying class rules at all times.

5. Students will be on time and prepared to begin class when the bell rings.

6. Students will turn in assignments on due date.

Policies regarding make-up work

It is important that you attend class regularly and take exams and quizzes during class time.It is your responsibility to obtain class notes and submit assignments after an absence. All missed work must be made up according to the guidelines printed in the student handbook. 

How will students be evaluated?

Grades will be calculated using the following rubrics: Exams 30% Quzzies 25% Classwork 20% Homework 25 %. Projects and presentations will have their own Rubrics.