Contributing to the Profession

There are three resources that I would like to share with you that I cannot live without. 

1) Class Dojo- Is an online positive feedback platform that connects teachers with parents and students. Students are awarded positive and negative points for behavior. Parents are able to see student's in class behavior through an app on their phone, or by signing on to Class Dojo also has a messaging component which makes parent contact a breeze.

During kindergarten orientation, I explain Class Dojo to the parents and let them know that all of my communication is thru this program. I offer 5 points to students whose parents sign up the first day of school, 4 points for signing up the second day, and so forth. I am persistent with sending home reminders. You are able to send out reminders, information to the whole class, one to one communication, etc. 

The students love Class Dojo! They are rewarded for every 10 points they earn. Most of my rewards are free or extremely low in cost: pencil, eraser, no shoes in class, wear a hat in class, sit by a friend, sit with teacher, etc. At 100 points, they get lunch with me. 

2) Teachers Pay Teachers- I wish I found this gem at the beginning of my teaching career. What ever lesson  you are looking for, this website has it: worksheets to address specific standards, themed units (excellent of IB), organizational labels, center activities, differentiating tasks, etc. I purchase files, then send them to graphics, and they make the magic happen. I could have saved hundreds of dollars on center activities if I had found this website sooner. 

3) ESGI Software- I test piloted ESGI last year and loved it! Because there are so many one to one assessments in kindergarten, assessing them can be quite the task. I created assessments to use last year for letter names, letter sounds, and sight words. This year, the district created assessments that fall right in line with their report card. The best part is that ESGI allows you to print parent letters showing student progress, individual and whole class graphs to show content areas that are in need of additional instruction, and other assessment tools. Conferences are so pleasant with these letters and graphs. I provide every parent with a letter to show what their child already knows and what they are still in need of learning. 

I hope you enjoy my favorite resources!