My name is Crystal Acton. I currently teach kindergarten in La Quinta, California. I teach multiple subjects including: reading, writing, math, sitting in a chair, how to keep germs to yourself, playing nice, cutting, pasting, coloring, walking in a line, and so much more.

I decided I wanted to be a teacher when I was in fourth grade. My former kindergarten teacher had asked me to tutor her students on their ABC's (back when that is all they had to learn). While observing me, she told me that I had a natural talent and would be a teacher one day. What can I say... it stuck.

I love teaching! I think it is the creativity and challenge that comes with it that inspires me. I believe both are traits one must have in order to be a successful teacher. It takes creativity in order to teach 29 kindergartners, which in itself is a challenge.

I am challenged every day, I am inspired everyday, I laugh everyday, and I love coming to work everyday!