Parents Corner

There will be No School September 25-26

Middle School Brochures are Out and sent home today

Upcoming Trips: Please email me or write a letter if you are available to chaperone

Everyday there is learning that takes place. The students are developing new skills and strategies that are being built upon the skills and strategies that they already have. Here are a few helpful hints that can be done at home to support a learner's progress.

  • Homework is given everyday to support student learning. The homework provides practice and promotes independence in new skills. Homework provides the opportunity for students to master new skills so that they are able to continue moving forward.
  • Learning Journals are a way for students to write reflectively about their daily learning. It helps to build confidence by providing students with a place to record their success and track their progress. In addition, it allows the student to think about areas of learning that they need to focus on and allows them to do this as the learning takes place.
  • Real World Math shows the learner the value of the skills that they are learning. Activities such as measuring the furniture (measurement, area, perimeter), cooking recipes (fractions, addition, multiplication), grocery shopping (adding and subtracting, decimals, money), looking at the value of sales (multilpication, percents, decimals), balancing bills (addition, subtraction, decimals)are all examples of real world math that adults perform daily.
  • Essay writing is one of the most important skills that need to be developed and secured. Students will be writing essays throughout their educational careers. The skill that needs to be mastered is the ability to state a clear purpose and support it with relevant reasons. One way to practice this is to have children write their requests, such as extra play time, new games, going to the movies, etc and have them support their claims with relevant reasons.
  • Television provides learning opportunities. There is a wealth of nonfiction information available with television programming and these shows help to build prior knowledge. This prior knowledge will support the learner in reading, writing, social studies and science. Please check the nature programs, the history channel, the news and even the weather channel.