Course Information

Miami Senior High School Integrated Science Course Guidelines 

Teacher:Ms. O. Ajileye

Department: Science 

Textbook: Physical Science with Earth Space (Glencoe) 

v     Course Description:

This course is for 11th and 12th grade students and generally follows Biology I. The topics addressed will include Physical science and Earth Science with integration of other natural sciences.  Strong emphasis will be placed upon basic skills of scientific investigation: planning, collecting and interpreting data and evaluation.  Students will be assessed on these skills as well as the content of topics addressed.

v     Teaching Techniques:

 Lecture, Lab, videos, audio and video tapes, independent reading, independent assignments, group reading, group assignments, research papers/ reports, overhead transparencies, class discussions/ debate and projects

v     Grading Procedure:

Tests, quizzes (announced or pop) Notebook checks, Project presentations, homework assignments, class work and participation.

v     Required Materials:

 3-ring binder, lined notebook paper, dividers, pens, pencils and composition book( for labs)

v     Grading Scale:

A=100- 89.5%  B=89.4-79.5%  C= 79.4-69.5%  D=69.4- 60%  F= 59% and below

 v     Make up Work Policy:

Make up work will only be given to those students who have a written official school excuse or those students who have previous arrangements and approval from the teacher.  No other exceptions will be considered.

 v     Late Work Policy:

 No assignments or notebooks will be accepted later than the due date otherwise stated by the teacher unless previous approval has been given by the teacher. 

v     Bathroom Policy:

Students are advised to use the bathroom during passage between classes or on break. Bathroom passes will be given at teacher’s discretion. 

v     Class Rules and Expectations:

  1. Enter the classroom quickly and quietly and take your assigned seat.
  2. Raise your hand and get permission from the teacher before speaking.
  3. Stay in your assigned seat unless otherwise directed by the teacher.
  4. You will be assigned a text book. You are responsible for your assigned book. Any damage or lost book will be reported to obligations.
  5. No sleeping in class. If you are sick, ask for a pass to the clinic/office.
  6. No eating or drinking is permitted in class.
  7. The use of any electronic devices is prohibited during class i.e. cell phones, ipods, Mp3 players, CD player etc. They must be OFF & and out of site or they will be taken away and given to your administrator.
  8. Respect yourself, your teacher and fellow class mates and follow directions at all times