Reading Unit #1

Taking a Stand

The Big Question for this unit is:  Why do people take action to support what they believe in?

 Sometimes unsafe conditions or dangerous situations cause people to take action.  If a company does not provide a safe work environment, for example, its workers might go on strike until the company installs fire alarms.  The workers have that right because everyone is entitled to a safe workplace.  Unsafe and unlawful conditions might lead to an accident or injury. 

Learning about important issues and why people support them will help you better understand why it is necessary to be an active citizen.


Research Activities:  Research a person or group that has chosen to take a stand on a particular issues.   Focus your research on the issue and create a pamphlet about it!


Use the website, MMH, to help you get started!  


Stories we will read in our text book

  • Goin' Someplace Special
  • Shiloh
  • Maya Lin, Architect of Memory
  • The Night of San Juan
  • Sleds on Boston Common