Ms. Short & Ms. Jacobson's 3rd grade Class

Ms. Short & Ms. Jacobson's
            3rd grade Class 
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Welcome to
Ms. Jacobson and Ms. Short's
class website 


 Take a moment to check out our pages.
Our 3rd graders are excited to share their explorations, discoveries, and learning.


Parents please make sure you cheek the announcement page for upcoming events. 


Our Class Mission 
We, the Super Stars of Ms. Jacobson and Ms. Amanda’s class, are here to have fun learning while being safe students and getting ready for 4th grade.
While we will be working to meet all 3rd grade standards, this year we have two goals we are focusing on.  
  • 100% of our Super Stars will be proficient or higher in writing as measured by the writing rubric by May 2009 
  • 100% of our Super Stars will be proficient or higher in math as measured by the Every Day Math end of the year assessment by May 2009
Just a little bit about our classroom.

teacher with students
      We are a team-taught 3rd grade inclusion classroom.   As teachers we combine our expertise in general education and special education to provide a well-rounded, standards-based education for every child. We approach learning as a community.  Not only using our expertise as educators but pulling in our students’ experiences, knowledge, and excitement along with the resources of our greater community.  This provides for wonderful learning opportunities for all of our students.
    We encourage all of our community members (students, parents, and colleagues) to help us in providing the best education for our students.  Please contact us with opportunities, resources, or ideas.