Ms. Short

Ms. Short & Ms. Jacobson's

            3rd grade Class 

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Hi.  My name is Amanda Short and I have been a teacher here at Montezuma for 4 years.  I moved to Albuquerque 5 years ago from The Netherlands where I was participating in a yearlong cultural exchange program.  While there I lived with a host family, traveled around the country a lot, and worked as a nanny and in a bookstore.  Originally I grew up in Iowa where the corn is sweet and the bacon is fresh.  And I love going home to visit my family and catch fireflies.

I went to college in Indiana for a BA in English.  Thus, I love reading and get super excited talking about literature.  One of my favorite authors is Roald Dahl because I love his sense of humor and how well he creates evil characters.

Along with reading, I also love to bike.  I ride my bike a lot of the time instead of driving places.  I have two giant baskets on my bike so that I can carry school supplies, groceries, or my bright pink purse where ever I go.

Something else I like to do is travel.  I find it very fascinating to visit new places and learn about new cultures.  One of the most exciting places that I’ve been is Istanbul, Turkey.  I loved the smells of the fresh fish markets, the narrow cobblestone streets, the intricately tiled mosques, and the Muslim call to prayer that echoed throughout the city.

Well.  That’s just a little introduction to me.  I can’t wait to get to know ya’ll!