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Common Core Standards

I provided the Common Core State Standards because I feel it is important to know what it is exactly that your student is learning towards and why. If you have any questions regarding these, don't hesitate to contact me via email.


Common Core Standards 


Common Core gets a lot of flak for being too difficult or harder (particularly in math) than the standards before them. I am here to tell you, though, that Common Core isn't as bad as you think. A lot of the time, the difficulty students and parents alike have faced with Common Core is due to the teachers not being properly trained in how to teach it or given adequate resources. Yes, we do hold the students to a higher standard than before, but that is only because they are supposed to be given the opportunity to complete their work in whatever way makes sense to them and that gets the correct answer (mostly for math). Yes, we are requiring students to do more writing in their classes, but this is for their benefit. Many careers or jobs require you to write down certain things. And yes, even part-time jobs require writing. Sometimes, reports are required for incidents and the like. So, knowing how to write easily, and with few grammatical errors, will help in the long run, no matter where you end up working, even if it seems tedious.

Common Core math is not as bad as media outlets lead you to believe. We are still covering the same principles, usually in a different order, but the basic fundametal part of math is still going to be there. With Common Core, we are just allowing students to solve the problems in a way that makes sense to them after teaching them multiple ways on how to work through the problem. Yes, that does take up more class time, and yes, that makes more work for the teachers, but it also provides better test scores and mathematical comprehension among students.

I do hope that I can make working with Common Core easier on both the students and the parents, so if there are any questions regarding what we are learning in class, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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