Block One

Berger's Block One

Berger's Block One invites you to read our web page.  Our block is currently working on a conflicts and relationships unit, and within that unit we are exploring poetry.  We would like to introduce ourselves to you with a poem we wrote together.

We Are

We are adventurous and happy. 

We wonder why the world takes shortcuts.

We hear the past echoing. 

We see life as we know it is unraveling around us.

We want everyone to listen to each other.

We are curious and unknowing.


We pretend death doesn’t scare us.

We feel misunderstood by many.

We touch the ball, and the world rises to their feet. 

We worry these feelings will never leave.

We cry when our hearts are broken.

We are people you don’t know.


We dream of the day we begin.

We touch the ground.

We try to speak Bosnian. 

We understand our salt-coated surface.

We worry that history will repeat itself and they will not learn.

We are ourselves and no one else.


We understand we are not the fastest.

We say nothing, and let our dancing tell the story.

We dream of Papa Smurf, but now he’s Jay Leno.

We try to step out into the world.

We hope we will win the championship.

We are different and unique.