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 Objective: SWBAT solve fractional word problems.

Solve the following problems. Use modelling and show your work!

Lori sells slices of apple pie in her bakery.  Each of the slices she sells is ¼ of a whole pie.  If she has 8 apple pies, how many slices can she sell?







On Friday, 3/7 of the 28 students in a class went to a music competition.  How many students went to the competition?






Ms. Olivier is making dresses to sell.  Each dress requires  yards of fabric.  She has yards of fabric . 

  • How many full dresses can she make ?






  • How much fabric does she have left over ?







  • If the fabric cost her $8.50 per yard how much does each dress cost to make ?






  • If she sells each dress for $15, what would be her profit/loss ?





The Sears Tower in Chicago is 1453 feet tall.  The Empire State Building is 19/25 as tall.   About how tall is the Empire State Building ?








Four friends have a pizza eating contest.  Robert ate ¾ of a pizza.  Franco ate three times as much pizza as Robert.  Sylvester ate 2/3 as much pizza as Franco.  Jon ate twice as much as Sylvester.  Who ate the most pizza ?