Homework Assignment Sheet

Text Book:     GLOBAL HISTORY VOL 1 

The Ancient World to the Age of Revolution

Global Studies I  

Directions: Read the pages assigned from the textbook and answer the questions below.


 #20     How did early civilizations arise in China?

                        Book  Page 42

  1. Define the following: a. dynastic cycle  b. oracle bones  c. calligraphy  d. mandate of heaven
  2. Describe the geography of China and include rivers, mountains and deserts.


#21      How did philosophies affect Chinese society?

                        Book: pages 44 - 46

  1. Explain the main ideas of each of the following philosophies:

a. Confucianism b. Daoism   c. Legalism


#22      How did strong rulers contribute to the growth of China?

                         Book:  Pages 46 – 48

  1. Identify the following: a. Shi Huangdi  b. The Great Wall  c. The Silk Road
  2. Explain TWO achievements of the Han Dynasty.
  3. What was the purpose of the civil service examination? Explain.



Take Home Quiz   Questions and Essay.

1.Answer Questions page 59 – 60   1 – 5,  7,  9-16  Write out question and answer. 

2. In at least two paragraphs:

During the Han Dynasty Chinese people were given civil service exams to get jobs in the government. Today, most civil service jobs (police, teachers, firemen, garbage-men) take exams to get their jobs. Do you agree or disagree with this concept of individuals taking exams in order to serve the people?      Explain in two paragraphs.


#23      How did geography influence the development of Ancient Greece?

                        Book: Pages 65 – 71 ( 2 nights)

  1. Define and identify the following:  a. polis   b. acropolis   c. oligarchy   d. phalanx      e. democracy  f. helot
  2. How did geography impact Ancient Greece?
  3. Making Connections: How did the geography of Ancient Greece differ from that of other ancient civilizations?


#24      How did Athens and Sparta differ from one another?

                        Book: Pages 72 – 78 ( 2 nights)

  1. Life in Sparta.  What were the following like?

a. government  b. values  c. role of men  d. role of women 

  1. In Life in Athens.  What were the following like?

             a. government  b. values  c. role of men  d. role of women 

  1. Create a Venn Diagram comparing Athens and Sparta





#25      How did Ancient Greek achievements contribute to modern civilizations?

                        Book:  Page 80 - 82

  1. Identify the following: a. Socrates  b. Plato  c. Aristotle
  2. List and explain THREE Greek achievements. Which one do you believe was the most important?


#26      What effects did Alexander’s conquests have on the world?

                        Book: Page 83 – 90

  1. Describe the qualities of Alexander the Great.
  2. How did he create his large empire?
  3. What were some achievements of Hellenistic culture?