Pre-Calculus 101


Welcome to Ms. Brown's Pre-Calculus classroom. Here is where you will find all assignments and instructional support materials. Parents and students are WELCOME. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Good luck!

Class Schedule

This  class meets daily from 10:35-12:55 with lunch included.

  • Warm-Up
  • Opening
  • Instruction
  • Independent Practice
  • Homework/Exit-Ticket
  • Housekeeping(if needed)

Today's Lesson

Each lesson will be given its own page. Lesson #1 will be page #1. If lesson #1 and lesson#2 are similar or have similar standards the two may co-exist. The two lessons may be together if they have similar content, similar independent practice, or if they are topics for the same project. In class I will specifically let students know which page and how I have organized their lessons. For those students who are not aware of where the lesson material lies, feel free to contact me. If that student was not in class for the lesson feel free to contact me. If a day is missed homework for that day is expected when he or she returns.

If I am missing, How can I submit my work?

  1. You can email me your work. (
  2. Take pictures of your work and then email them.
  3. Bring them the following day with the possibilty of late points.


Here are links to SCJ pages and other websites that can assist you.

All Set?

Everything is here for you to be GREAT. So, be GREAT!


Have Fun!
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