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 Monday 05/11/09

 Tuesday 05/12/09

 Wednesday 05/13/09 Spelling Pyramids
 Read 2 Steps
 Articles Page (A, AN, THE)
 multiplication page 41 and 54
 Thursday 05/14/09Spelling Test today

Project Night Tonight (5:30-6:30)

  Read 2 Steps


 Friday  05/15/09

Need to have 385 steps

READ -2 steps

 Saturday 05/16/09Read-2 steps
 Sunday 05/17/09

Read-2 steps


Homework Policy          

      Homework is an important part of the school day. It provides a chance to practice skills taught that day. Homework is expected to be complete and turned in the next day. Parents may help if needed; however, homework lets the teacher know if something was not understood in class. If your child is having difficulty with homework, please send a note in with the attempted homework the next day.  I expect that if the homework is too difficult that an attempt was at least made to complete it.            

       Homework will be assigned Monday through Friday. Homework will also include 100 Book Challenge/A.R. Reading. Students will be expected to complete 1 step of reading as part of their homework. (1 step= 15 minutes of Independent Reading) Reading will be assigned as homework everyday, including weekends. Student’s who earn a Homework Pass may only use it on spelling homework assignments. Parents will need to sign their child’s planner (only if homework is complete or an attempt has been made) and 100 Book Challenge Log (only if reading was witnessed or heard) every night as a part of their homework routine.   


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