Class Schedule

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Our Daily Class Schedule


* AM Procedure and SME

 9:00-10:30 Reading
 10:30-11:30  Specials-- See Specials Page for more details
11:30-11:45  Recess
 11:45-12:00 100 Book Challenge, SME, AR Reading
 12:03-12:33 Lunch- Table B
 12:33-1:00Language Arts/ Spelling
 1:10-1:45Science/ Social Studies 
 1:45-2:00* PM Procedure and Read Aloud
 2:05Dismissal Bell Rings 
 2:10Buses Leave School  


AM Procedure:

1. Enter classroom quietly.

2. Turn in homework, lunch money, and any notes to their places.

3. Select lunch option.

4. Sharpen 2 pencils.

5. Have open REACH Notebook for morning check.

6. Annoucements/Pledge

7. Begin Instructional Focus


PM Procedure

1. Take out REACH Notebook and copy homework exactly as written on board.

2. Go through "buffet line" for any papers to go home.

3. Put Homework and papers to go home into your REACH Notebook.

4. Put REACH Notebook into backpack.

5. Clear your desk and stack your chair.

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