3rd Grade Recipe

The Recipe of Our Class

Remember: The finished product is only as good as the ingredients used to make it!


1- Energetic and Eager to learn group of students

1- Enthusiastic and Loving Teacher


Combine with care the following to your ingredients

3 cups of Reading

3 cups of Math

1 cup of Language Arts

2 cups of Science

2 cups of Social Studies

1 cup of Writing

1 cup of Spelling

1 cup of Excitement

2 cups each of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Positive Attitude, Trustworthiness, and Friendship

1 cup each of Cooperation, Integrity, Values, Loyalty, Gratitude, and Pride

For Extra flavor (add to taste)

* a dash of PE

* a spoonful of Tech

* a ounce of Media

* a dollup of Reading Lab

* a tablespoon of Math Lab

* a pound of Science Lab

Blend with care and love!

Bake in Ms. Byrd's Room at a delightful temperature. (We dont want to overcook or undercook)

Watch them grow and learn.

 Before you know it, it's FOURTH GRADE HERE WE COME!