Educational Philosophy

I believe children should be provided with a safe environment that inspires learning. My students will have a classroom where they feel safe and are confident to learn alongside their classmates. I will encourage my students to learn by making learning fun. I strive to have my students want to take part in the learning process instead of feeling compelled to learn. I will provide opportunities for all students to express their creativity. I will also allow students to have input in the learning process so they will know their opinions and voices are important.

I believe each child is unique and special. Children will be encouraged to express their uniqueness all while learning that they are part of the whole (society) and together, we can help change the world for the better. I will educate children by incorporating multiple learning styles into my lessons. Students will have the opportunity to learn through the style that best matches their learning preferences.

My educational philosophy closely aligns with Progressivism. Progressivists believe education should focus on the whole child, rather than on the content or the teacher. I will focus on the whole child by allowing them to learn through their experiences both inside and outside the classroom. John Dewey, a notable Progressivist, believed education should focus on shared decision-making, planning of teachers with students, and student selected topics. I will encourage students to take an active role in their education and will incorporate their likes and preferences into my teachings.

Above all, I will treat each student and their family with love, compassion, and respect. I am in service to not only the child but also their families and the community. I will continue to provide a learning experience that allows children and their families to flourish! Thank you for taking the time to read my educational philosophy.