Cobb County School District Philosophies

The following is the philosophy of Cobb County School District:


Providing a World-Class Education Means…
The focus is on learning
All students achieve high standards
Instruction is engaging and rigorous
Reading and writing are taught in all content areas
There is a sense of belonging
Schools and offices are inviting, welcoming, and customer oriented
The strategic plan is accomplished by all working together
Key Strategies for Providing a World-Class Education Are…
All decisions are based on what is best for all students
Leadership, teaching, and learning are held to high standards
Providing interactive, two-way communication
Data is used to drive decisions
Recruiting, developing, and retaining highly qualified employees
Maintaining a commitment to effective professional learning
Providing a safe, healthy, and orderly environment for students and employees
A commitment to community involvement in district and school success
Effective use of technology
Being fiscally responsible and aligning resources to needs
Engaging in effective management practices (clear direction, quality methods, and integrated systems).
Guiding Principles for Providing a World-Class Educational System
VISIONARY LEADERSHIP – Leaders create and balance value for students and stakeholders
LEARNING-CENTERED EDUCATION – Learning is focused on student needs
ORGANIZATIONAL AND PERSONAL LEARNING – Focus is on continuous improvement, flexibility, and adaptation to change at all levels – organization, department, school, and personal
VALUES FACULTY, STAFF, AND PARTNERS – Loyalty results from policies and practices that demonstrate commitment to the workforce and partnerships
ORGANIZATIONAL AGILITY – Focus is on timely and flexible responses to the needs of students and stakeholders
FOCUS ON THE FUTURE – Planning takes into account short-term and long-term needs and opportunities
MANAGING FOR INNOVATION – The work environment fosters innovation to improve the organization and create value for students and stakeholders
MANAGEMENT BY FACT – Decisions are data driven and based on performance measures
SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY – Public responsibility and citizenship go beyond mere compliance
FOCUS ON RESULTS – Performance measures are focused on key student and organizational results
SYSTEMS PERSPECTIVE – School, office, and department goals are aligned with those of the overall organization
QUALITY MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES – Best practices, focus, alignment, integration, benchmarking, benchmarks, and the plan-do-study-act process for improvement are emphasized