Book Report Options

Book Report Options

1. Make several sketches of some of the scenes in the book and label them.

2.  Make up a song to go along with your novel.  Sing it for the class!

3.  Bring in three objects that represent something significant from your novel.  Label each item with an index card describing its significance.

4.  Make a "WANTED" POSTER.

5.  Make your own book cover for the book.  Include a short summary on the back of the book cover.

6.  Make a time-line of events from the story.  Be creative!

7.  Recreate a scene from the movie.  Film it at home and bring it in for the class to watch OR perform it live.

8.  Write a letter to the main character expressing your feelings about his actions in the story or explain how you connected with him.

9.  Create a comic strip that represents scenes from your novel.

10.  Create a board game based on the events and characters from your book.

*This is only SOME of your choices for Part 2 of your book report.  Check in the blue folder in the classrooom for more ideas or come up with your own!