Class Rules and Expectations

Behavioral Expectations

  • All behavior will be reported and viewed separately from academic achievement.
  • All rules and behavioral expectations provided by Ridge View High School are expected to be followed in my classroom.
  • Behavior expectations for my classroom specifically are posted on the bulletin board next to the door.
  • Students are expected to not talk over others or interrupt people when they are talking.
  • Rules are extended as followed:

Rule 1: Be respectful.

  • To school property
  • To peers
  • To teachers/substitutes
  • To materials

Rule 2: Be prompt.

  • Are you on time?
  • Do you have your work done?
  • Did you come prepared?
  • Are you following instructions when told?

Rule 3: Do your best.

  • Is your work the best it can be?
  • Are you being the ‘best you?’
  • Are you being true to yourself?


Cell Phone Policy

Each classroom makes their own policy regarding cellphones. Cellphones will not be allowed in my classroom. Failure to follow this rule will result in the cellphone being left in my classroom until the end of the school day. When the final bell rings, students can come get their phone.


Food/Drink Policy

Students will not be allowed to have food in my classroom. The only class that this is an exception for is study hall. Water bottles are allowed, however no cans.