Español con Sra. Cicak

Our class is going to investigate popular Latin American music. Latin American music includes many different styles. While you are working, you should think about how the music that you learn about is similar to music you listen to and how it is different.
Popular Latino Music styles include: Mariachi, Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Vallenato, Ranchera, Banda, Pasito Duranguense, Grupero/a, Tejano, Norteño, Tango, Flamenco, Latin Jazz, Samba, Pagode, Música Popular Brasileira (or MPB), Sertanejo, Rock en Español, Conjunto, Habanera, Reggaetón, Plena, Mexican Hip Hop/Rap, Bossa Nova, Andean Music, Danzon, Rumba, Mambo, Bomba,Bolero y Bachata.
You are going to select two of the musical styles listed above and create a Power Point presentation that describes each of the styles, explains the history of how each style developed, includes a short music sample of each style, shows an example of the lyrics, and expresses your opinion of the musical style.  The music sample should be about thirty seconds to one minute long and must be school appropriate. 
Be sure to write all of your information in your presentation in your own words and do not copy and paste the written information or you will receive a zero for plagiarism.
Your presentation should have ten or more slides and be well organized.