Welcome to Room 204!


Welcome to Room 204 and thanks for visiting our webpage!

What will I find on this page?

I am hoping this page is a helpful resource for you. I will be posting lots of information and resources for you, including:

  • homework
  • class projects/reports/presentations
  • ​special events at school (dress down day, holiday information, theme days)
  • reminders
  • website resources for class and homework
  • any other resources or information that I think may be helpful :-) 

What's the deal with the other pages?

You'll see at the top of this main page that there are other pages you can access. I am going to make a new page each month with information for you regarding what's going on in your child's classroom and at school in general. You can access these pages any time you want! Also, these pages include information about me and how to contact me!