Our Classroom Website


Greetings parents and students! My name is Ms. Dixon and I will serve as your child's English Language Arts & Social Studies teacher for the 2017-2018 school year here at Excelsior Charter Academy. I look forward to having a stupendous year!


Course Information

Journeys- Houghton & Mifflin



Classroom Rules

Be on your best behavior!

Be on time to class!

Be an active listener!

Be a good citizen!

Be your best you!




Classroom Supplies

  • 5 Subject Binder
  • Thesaurus/ Dictionary
  • Printing Paper
  • Highlighters
  • Standard Pencils
  • 2 Folders with prongs
  • Plastic Paper Covers
  • Hand Sanitizer


Classroom Discipline

A classroom must have order and disciplinary procedures in order to create an environments that is conducive for student learning. So, with that being said I have created and instuted a system in order to both encourage your child to follow rules and reprimand them when they don't follow class rules. Any Major Infractions will be handled by administration.

I will shower your child with verbal praise, motivation, and intrinsice rewards on a regular basis. I always recognize those students who put forth maximum effort and improve as well as my star students.

If your child is having trouble following a rule he or she will get the following

  • 1st Offense- Verbal Warning
  • 2nd Offense- No Electives for at least 1 day Example: ( Your child will sit out during Physical Education for that day).
  • 3rd Offense- Parent Contact & Conference will be held.
  • 4th Offense- Your child will be referred to the Dean of Discipline for further disciplinary measures.