My Classroom Website

Classroom Rules:

Students will be expected to follow these rules at all times, all year.

1) Students will remain seated at all times unless given permission to do otherwise.

2) Students will respect the property, space and opinions of their peers and all adult staff.

3) Students will need to be prepared with all supplies and assignments due.

4) Students will refrain from eating or drinking in call unless otherwise stated.

Supplies needed throughout the School Year

Every student will need the following items for EVERY writing class:

2 black and white/marble notebooks

A sharpened pencil and a red pen

A pack of crayons, markers or colored pencils

A folder


?While I make every effort to provide students with the materials that they will need, donations make a BIG difference when it comes to instruction. Though it is not mandatory, it would defintiely be appreciated. Each student who donates items receive a reward ticket per item that they donate. (Reward tickets when accumulated can be used to receive free supplies and/or incentives.)

These are the items that are always welcomed and needed: magazines, looseleaf, hand sanitizer, tissues, construction paper, glue, index cards.