What we're doing

CoolWe are learning many new things this 9 weeks!Cool


We are learning to tell time on analog and digital clocks.

We are also practicing our addition and subtraction.

We are learning how to count money too!

Language Arts/Writing:

We are learning where capital letters and periods go in complete sentences.

We are also practicing our words families.

We are learning about the difference between statements and questions and commands and exclamations.


We are learning all about matter!


Social Studies:

We are learning about what it means to be a good citizen and about community helpers.

Language Arts/Reading:

We are participating in the NLC Demonstrated Reading program. We get to hear and learn from a new poem or Big Book each week. These help us use our reading strategies to become stronger and more confident readers.

We also spend time each day in different literacy learning centers.

We are learning more everyday!!