Classroom Procedures



Ms. Diamond

8th Grade English





Entrance to Class

You are expected to begin preparing for class as soon as you walk in the door.

-You should collect any handouts needed from the pocket charts.

-You should look to the board for your Do Now, Book Instructions, and Homework.

-Write down your Homework

-Begin your Do Now-be conscious of the time-it will always be collected and graded!




We will exit by rows into the hallway.  Rows will be called when all students are quietly seated with their jackets are off and shirts are tucked.


Dismal electives-We will line up in order of classroom assignments.


Final Dismal-We will line-up when 7th grade is called.

-We will proceed as stated before.

-We will walk on the white line, and we will not move until all students are on the white line.

Bathroom breaks



There will be designated class times for bathroom breaks.  Therefore, do not ask for bathroom passes during instruction time.




You will be assigned a Class Book Number. Use only the book assigned to you – if your book is found missing, you will be responsible for it.  If there is writing in the book, you should report it immediately or you will be responsible for it.


Please take care of ALL the books around you – future students still need to be educated.

Chewing gum, Eating, Drinking

Food, drinks and gum chewing are NOT allowed in the classroom because they may interfere with the learning process that occurs here.




Paper should not be found lying on the floor or thrown around the room.  Our classroom is an incredible space and we must keep it neat. 


If you want to throw out a sheet of paper hold it until the end of the class and then place it in the garbage as you leave the class.  DO NOT get up in the middle of class to throw away your paper.

Electronic Devices

Electronic devices are not allowed to be used within the class.  Any usage of cell phones, portable music players, games, etc. is strictly prohibited. I will confiscate any device I see during class, being returned at the end of the day.  Use of devices during class will also result in a call home.  Repeat offenders will require parents to come to school to receive their devices back. 

Gaining Attention



When I need for us to return to whole-class instruction, I will raise my hand and count down 5-4-3-2-1. 


Binders should be divided into sections:



Literary Tools






Top right hand corner


(Skip a line) Date.



You will not be able to fully succeed if you do not come to class with the supplies. Make sure you have all the necessarily materials by the designated date.

If you need to borrow a classroom supply, you will need to give something of value to Ms. Diamond to hold. 

Sharpening Pencils



You can sharpen your pencil at the beginning of class.  If you need to sharpen your pencil during the lesson, raise your hand and wait until I give you permission.

Parent Communication



I will be in contact with your family throughout the year by letters, phone calls and parent-teacher conferences.  Your family is a resource to helping you succeed, and I look forward to getting as many members of your family involved in the learning process that takes place in our class!


Stakeholder Sessions will be held once a month.  This is an opportunity for your parents to come to class.

Respecting the Speaker



When someone else is speaking, YOU ARE NOT!  Raise your hand to share out with the class!




Student Signature




Parent Signature


Students that follow the classroom procedures and guidelines will be eligible to earn classroom incentives.

-Class of the Month-Classes will have the opportunity to earn monthly incentives for the classes’ management and behavior.

  • Every day, each class has the potential to earn behavior points for following the classroom expectations.
  • At the end of the month, the class with the greatest amount of points will receive a class-voted incentive.
    • Incentives: 15 minutes free outside, 10 minutes of music, soda during class, candy during class, pizza party (1x use by class only),

-Words of Wisdom-This year we will be transitioning to utilizing college colloquial within daily use. Students will receive a word wisdom ticket to be entered into a Friday raffle.

  • How to Earn a Ticket: You receive a ticket for every correct use of a class vocabulary word. If we come across a vocabulary word in reading, you may scream out “Vocab.” You may report to me the use of vocabulary words in other classes, but you must have the sentence it was used in.

-Positive Post-It's-Students:

Students that exhibit classroom values of MORE are eligible for Positive Post-It’s that enter them into bi-weekly Friday raffles.  The winner of the raffle within each block will receive a classroom prize and a positive phone call home.  You can find more information under the "We do MORE" tab. 



Students that choose not to follow classroom procedures and guidelines are subject to classroom/school consequences.

  1. Verbal Warning
  2. Move Seat
  3. Parent Contact during Silent Lunch
  4. Bounce and Parent Contact
  5. Referral

There are specific choices that will result in immediate escalation of consequences.  For example, cursing, fighting, and cheating.