Ms Downs Grade 8 Geography/History

New History Projects

As of April 27, 2010  I have given every grade 8 student an individual history project which will have a due date of  Friday May 28th. No extensions as this will be reported on the final report card which is due to the Principal within one week of this date.

What ever topic has been given, the students have the freedom to create and present their topic in whatever form they wish. They will be given computer time during all history classes and information skills classes to work on this project. They may need to do some work at home during their own time.

I have suggested, essay format, story book, slideshow, skit, radio interview, and photo essay Note that all projects will be presented to the class during the month of June.

Students will be given an outline of all required items for the project and I will post that information here on the website as well.