Pretest and Review for Place Value/Adding and Subtraction

Introduction/review video for simple 1 digit multiplication

Here is a introduction or review from what you learned in 3rd grade before we start in class.


Pretest and Review for Multiplying and dividing by 1 Digit

Measuring the Weather

In Class...

We are predicting and recording the weather patterns for the next 21 days. Each student will be in a group. The groups will be: High Temperature Predicted, High Temperature Actual, Low Temperature, Precipitation, and Humidity.

Each group will need to

  • Record data in their category daily in the class google sheet
  • I will give you time to do this.
  • Every 7 days make a line graph. This is done by first, highlighting your section. Second, clicking Insert. Third, Click Chart. Google sheets will automatically create a bar graph. Click the drop down arrow under Chart Type and choose Line Chart. Finally to add a title, Click Customize at the top. Then click on Chart & axis titles. Name your line graph. We will also go over this together on Day 7.