Water Cycle Project

For Science we are learning the water cycle. You will be graded on two assessments:

1. Either by yourself or with another student, you need to create a YouTube playlist about the water cycle with three videos. Make sure the videos are school appropriate. They can be in the forms of educational lessons, songs, or dances. See link for an example. Each group is only allowed to use one video from the example. You can submit this by making a YouTube playlist and sharing the link or listing the links of each video in a word document or e-mail. We will compile the videos into a list for a class review page.

2. The day after we compile our list on the water cycle, you will be in groups. It will be your responsibility to act out one section of the water cycle. We will combine as a class and act it all out. Be prepared to act out multiple sections so I can see that you know all sections.

Measuring the Weather

In Class...

We are predicting and recording the weather patterns for the next 21 days. Each student will be in a group. The groups will be: High Temperature Predicted, High Temperature Actual, Low Temperature, Precipitation, and Humidity.

Each group will need to

  • Record data in their category daily in the class google sheet
  • I will give you time to do this.
  • Every 7 days make a line graph. This is done by first, highlighting your section. Second, clicking Insert. Third, Click Chart. Google sheets will automatically create a bar graph. Click the drop down arrow under Chart Type and choose Line Chart. Finally to add a title, Click Customize at the top. Then click on Chart & axis titles. Name your line graph. We will also go over this together on Day 7.

Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic Rock

In class...

We have discussed the different characteristics of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. To show me what you learned, you are making an infographic of the information.

To do this, you will need to go to popplet.

Recreate this on your popplet then fill in the boxes. Use your class notes or search the internet. When you are done, send me the link.