The Maryland MESA Program is a local pre-college program that helps students become prepared for the rigor of college study in the fields of science, engineering, and other mathematics-based fields.  The program is designed to motivate and assist elementary school youth from all backgrounds to prepare them to study math, engineering, and science.  Students in the MESA program are exposed to a wide variety of activities aimed at improving students’ academic skills.          

              The MESA program at Mt Harmony meets during the school year, once a week before school.  We work in small groups constructing a bridge, designing a theme park ride, creating a scratch banner, performing a skit, and analyzing a graph for slope and rate of change.  In the spring we go to the MESA competition day where we present our projects to be judged against other schools from Calvert and Charles County.  Winners are chosen in each project and the overall winner goes to the state level.  Besides building our projects we also have presenters and go on field trips.  It is a lot of FUN!    

            If you have any questions about the MESA program please contact Ms Duncan at 410-257-1619.  We hope you will join the MHES MESA team!!!




We will be starting MESA in October! If you are interested please contact me!