English 10 - Ms. Durrett (room 128)


If you're reading this, congratulations! You've located our exclusive course website for English 10.  This may be one of the most challenging years of your life academically, but all of your hard work will pay off if you stay focused, positive, and ready to read. yes

About our website

This website is where you'll find resources for our classroom, such as digital copies of handouts, upcoming due dates, and new assignment updates from me.  I recommend checking our website twice a week, even if you are not absent.  If you are absent from school, you will still be expected to come to class prepared with any work that you missed.  All handouts will be uploaded to the website, so you can print them out and complete work at home. 

“Success isn't final, and failure isn't fatal.”
- Maria Klein (my 10th grade English teacher)




When in doubt, email Ms. Durrett!  You can find her contact information in the upper left hand corner of the homepage.