Classroom Rules


Here is the list of our classroom rules. These rules will be posted in a visible area of the classroom for all students to see. On the first day of class, we will go over the rules together as a class. The students will be sent home with a list of the rules which will need to be signed by the student AND the parent/gaurdian. The student will bring this signed copy back to school. By signing the list of rules, the student and parent have both agreed to and understand the rules.

1. Follow directions

2. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

3. No profanity, yelling, or name calling.

4. Raise your hand to speak.

5. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

Consequences for not following the rules:

All students start on green. If a rule is broken...

  • 1st time a rule is broken= verbal  warning.
  • 2nd time a rule is broken= move card to yellow + talk with teacher about rules for 10 minutes during recess.
  • 3rd time a rule is broken= move card to red + miss whole recess + phone call home.
  • 4th time a rule is broken= go straight to principals office.

***There is a zero tolerance policy for drugs/weapons/violence. If any of this is present, the above stated consequences do not apply and the student will be sent straight to the principal without question.