Description of the Class

Complete Description of the Class 

Grade level: 3rd grade general education classroom

Subjects & "Specials":

Langauge Arts, Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies

Art, Music, Health, P.E.

Size of class: 25 students

Social realities: Sunny Valley Elementary School is a public school and is located in suburban Naperville, IL.

68.1% caucasian, 3.0% african american, 2.6% hispanic, 19.8% asian or pacific islander, 0.0 native american, 6.5 multiracial/ethnic

570 enrolled, 7.4% low income

Support Staff: social worker, school psychologist, school nurse, resource/instructional teachers, assistant principal, principal


Classroom Layout:

Bookshelves            round guided reading/conference table
Class meeting area                                                                                                              
                     desks (4)               desks(4)            bullitin board
                    desks (4)               desks (4)              computers
                           Dry   Erase   Board                  Teacher's desk