Behavior Plan

Behavior Plan

If a student is consistantly breaking the rules of the classroom, he or she will be administered a behavior contract (note: I will contact the parent to discuss the situation, then procede with the following steps). First, I will identify the problem behavior. Then I will schedule a time to meet with the student to write up the  behavior contract. The contract will include the following:

The problem behavior (clearly stated)

The goal behavior

The reward (how it is earned/what it is)

The consequences (if the student does not comply with the "goal" behavior in contract)

Time increments (how long contract will last/how often student will be monitored)

Date for contract review

Signature of teacher, student, and parent


To determine if a behavior program (contract) is necessary I will conduct an FBA (functional behavior assessment).

  • I will collect data using a frequency chart (observation lasting at least 3 days). Example:

Day of the week______________


Time                                                     Frequency (tallies)                    Total(add tallies)







  • I will then graph my information using a line graph