Classroom Plan (rewards system)

Classroom Rewards System

To motivate and reward my students for following the rules and exhibiting good behavior I will have a whole class rewards system in place. Basically, the system works as follows:

There will be an empty fishbowl sitting on my desk. If students exhibit good/positive behavior, a marble (or 2) will be placed in the fishbowl. The marbles can be earned individually (ex: helps a classmate, follows rules, ect), or as a class (ex: everyone follows directions, everyone completes their homework assignment ect.). Once the fishbowl is full, the class will earn a reward such as .... a movie, extra recess/free time, computer time, or pizza party, ect.


  • Marbles are placed into a jar for positive student behavior.
  • Marbles can be earned by an individual or the whole class for behaviors such as completion of homework, following directions, and working quietly.
  • When the jar is full the entire class earns a reward
  • * Parents will recieve a letter explaining how the system works.