3rd - 5th Grade

Activities for April 6 - April 10

Monday:I love finding music all around me. I hear it in the cars passing by, in people talking, the way my feet sound as they hit the floor. I hear it in the sounds of birds and the sound of rain falling. But did you know that you can find music in your kitchen?! Watch this video called Veggie Rhythms and then see if you can find some other kitchen objects or foods to make your own music with! 







Activities for March 30 - April 3

Pick an activity from the Music Bingo card to do every day! 


- Read about the famous composer, Antonio Vivaldi here. Write down any facts about his life that you think are important. Then read another short biography  about Vivaldi and write down all the important facts from this one. Which facts are the same? Which facts are not? What other questions do you have about him?

- Listen to one of his most famous pieces called Spring from his composition called "The Four Seasons." While you listen, write down all the descriptive words or phrases that come to mind. List the instruments you hear, the emotions you felt, the ideas that popped in your head, pictures you imagined etc. 

- After you listen, take your notes that you wrote and write a paragraph (five sentences) about "Spring." You can listen again if you need. 

- Share what you learned about Antonio Vivaldi and Spring with a parent, sibling, or someone else at home, OR make a video to share with a friend. 

Tuesday: Since we're learning about Vivaldi, let's explore the next season, Summer. Summer is just around the corner for us. It makes me think of long, hot days jumping into the pool, spending time with friends, eating cold watermelon, going to the beach, and all things fun and happy. Now, grab a pencil and paper and get ready to listen, think, and write. laugh

- What does Summer make you think of? Take a moment and write down your thoughts about Summer.
- Listen to Vivaldi's piece called Summer. What was your impression? Write those thougts down. Write down the instruments, the ideas and emotions that came to you etc. Did the sounds match what your thoughts about Summer were? How was it the same? How was it different?
- Listen to THIS VERSION of Summer. What did you think about this version? Which version did you like better? 
- Write down your thoughts about the season of Summer and Vivaldi's piece of music into a short paragraph. Share your thoughts with someone at home OR make a video and share it with a friend! 

Wednesday: Let's keep going through the seasons today, which means we're on - you guessed it! - Fall. Of course when I think of Fall/Autumn I think of bright colors like red and orange and swirling leaves, but I didn't find any good animations for this season. Let's fix that! Get our your colored pencils, crayons, or paints and let's draw, color, or paint what you hear! 

Watch this this this first version of Fall by Vivaldi. Notice how the players all are staying steady - they're following the soloist (the lady in the purple dress playing the violin) to keep the tempo. 

- Next, watch and listen to these two remixed versions. You can find the first one here and the second one here.Which of the three do you like best? 


- Pick your favorite version and draw, color, or paint the story it gives you as you listen again. You don't have to draw a picture of anything in particular. It can just be the colors that you like or abstract shapes.

-  Last, watch this video that explains why we should listen to Vivaldi still even though the music is quite old. Is the story they explained in the video what you came up with in your head? 

Thursday: The last season is Winter. This is one of Vivaldi's more popular pieces. In fact, I found more interesting videos for this one than of the other three so all I want you to do today, is watch, listen, write down some thoughts, and ENJOY.

Video 1: This version uses the same kind of instruments as would have been used when Vivaldi wrote it!

Video 2: This next video is a visualization of the melody and harmonies that all of the instruments play (it's probably my favorite one).

Video 3: This video is a Line Rider video that someone created to show the tempo and important parts of the piece. 

Video 4: Even rock bands like this piece of music! Here is a rock version with shredding guitars!

Video 5: This is a hiphop remix of Winte.

Now that you've seen several versions, write down which one was your favorite and why.  

Friday: We've talked about all four seasons and the music that Vivaldi composed for each season. Take a look at your notes from the last few days to remember which season was your favorite and why. Did you like the happy sounds of Spring? Or the intense sounds of Winter? Maybe listen to one again to remind yourself. 

Go to https://musiclab.chromeexperiments.com/Song-Maker/ to start working on making your own version of your favorite season!