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Parent Volunteers

These are some of the jobs that can be done in my classroom if you are interested in volunteering for one of the jobs below or something else do not hesitate to contact me. Smile

  • This spring we are having a social studies walk, for this feild trip we will need at least 4 parent vollunteers to be able to participate.
  • Assist during our daily work time when the students are involved in a variety of activities in the classroom (Centers, Reading Group, and Daily Jobs)
  • Provide assistance for individual students to meet specific needs (Take a group of students to work on a specific skill or to practice a specific skill - sight words, time, money, math facts, oral reading...)
  • Compile classroom work and projects.
  • Give a short presentations of your choice (e.g. a dentist talking about care of teeth, a baking demonstration, sharing information about a hobby or something of interest.)
    • Especially if you or someone you know works in the area in a job as a community helper 
      • Doctor or Nurse
      • Chefs, Bakers, and Cooks
      • Soldiers
      • Librarian
      • Judge or Lawyer
      • Farmer
      • Farm Worker
      • Factory Workers
      • Bus Driver
      • Garbage Collector
      • Street Cleaner
      • Road Worker
      • Ambulance Driver
      • EMT
      • Dentist
      • Mail Carriers
      • Police
      • Artist
      • Firefighter
      • Banker
      • or any other job that helps our community
  • Listen to students practicing oral reading 
  • Assist in planning special days in the classroom (e.g. Spring party)
  • Book Orders (Filling out Classroom Order Form)
  • Technology - Scanning/saving student work, organizing classroom pictures for website, etc
  • Office Helper - Make Copies, Check Daily Work, File Items, Get crafts ready...

Get 2 Months for $5!