Our reading theme for the stories we are currently reading is "Travel Time". The stories will all relate to this theme.  

Each week the students will read one main story and three to four smaller stories related to the main story. Each Monday I will give students a homework packet for the week. If students ever need help they can go to homework help in the morning before school, during morning recess, or during study hall during afternoon recess.


The story we will be reading this week is Montigue on the High Seas by John Himmelman.

Montigue on the High Seas eBooks

What happens to Montigue the mole when he falls asleep in a bottle and is swept out to sea? Read all about his high seas adventure in this delightful tale. The adventure begins when Montigue the mole's home is destroyed in a flood, causing him to find a bottle to sleep in for the night. When the bottle is swept out to sea, Montigue finds himself facing humpback whales and hungry fish. He ends up on a ship where he befriends the mice as they hide from Barnacles the Cat. Soon Montigue and the mice come up with a thrilling plan for more adventure.


The story we will read next week is Ruth Law Thrills a Nation by Don Brown.

Front Cover

Describes the record-breaking flight of a daring woman pilot, Ruth Law, from Chicago to New York in 1916. A simple biography about the woman flier who broke a nonstop cross-country record. In 1916 a young woman named Ruth Law attempted to fly from Chicago to New York City in one day--something no one else had ever done. This is the story of that daring attempt.