Currently students are working to master double digit addition and subtraction, graphing, time and money. Students are also continuing to  review and practice skills in patterning, addition, subtraction, word problems,measuring and base ten skills.

Students will normally have one page of math homework each day to review or practice skills. If students need help with homework they can recieve help in the morning before school, during morning recess or at study hall during afternoon recess.

Below are some fun and educational math games for your student to practice skills at home or the library.

HSP Math-
HSP site in Spanish- 
BBC Math - 
Mr. Martini’s Classroom- 
Math Magician- 
Math Connects- 
Houghton Mifflin Math- (choosing extra practice) 
It mathematics (for technology integration) - 
Innovations Learning- 
Math Cats (for story problems and fun activities!)- 
Math Playground- 
Links Learning-